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You do not need to dress in your Sunday best to go to your Social Security hearing. Wear clothes that are comfortable that show what you wear on a typical day. That means that you should not put on a suit or your best dress to go see the Social Security judge. Instead, you want the Administrative Law Judge to see you the way you look every day. You want them to get a good understanding of how you look each day of your life as you deal with your disability.

At the same time, you need to show some respect for the Social Security judge. Here is a list of some things you do not want to wear at your Social Security hearing:

1. lots of rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets (these can distract the judge)
2. your Rolex….flashy jewelry can send the wrong message
3. bright colored clothes
4. cutoff jeans

You do not want to give the Social Security judge a false impression about yourself. Sometimes, dressing up makes us look healthier than we are. The day of your Social Security hearing is not the day to cover up your disabilities.

You want the judge to see how it really is for you. Wearing what you wear on a normal day helps you feel like yourself. It may also help explain something to the judge. For example, you may only wear slip on shoes (without laces), because you cannot bend over to tie your shoes. Use that as an example you tell the judge about at your hearing to explain your problems. Do not cover things up by dressing up….look like you do every day, and you will be ok.

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